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Comprehensive Insight Differentiates
Rivel’s Investor Research


To this day, those tasked with understanding the drivers of investment community behavior continue to rely on anecdotal feedback, stale and inaccurate data, and “professional opinion” to guide their strategies. The Rivel Research Group methodology takes traditional anecdotal IR perception research several steps further.

Our clients demand, and receive, comprehensive insight on the buy-side consensus, company-specific perceptions, industry insight and best practices needed to address any issues weighing on valuation. There are six major points that differentiate Rivel’s investor research from other providers.

Our research is:

1. Objective

Investor research is our only business. Our advice is driven by the direct feedback we receive from the investment community. It is unaffected by investment banking or IR consulting-type relationships. It is not guided by other services that we offer. What you receive is 100% objective IR data.

2. Qualitative

Nearly half of the questions we ask in our research survey projects are open-ended. These discussion questions allow our executive interviewers to probe beneath the surface, getting at the deeper meanings behind an investor’s answers.

3. Quantitative

Measuring intangible processes like building relationships with the investment community can be difficult. Qualitative feedback alone can only provide a “feel” for what is going on. Our meticulous quantification delivers information that is precise, credible and insightful, as well as supportive of the qualitative data.

4. Comparative

For the purposes of benchmarking, Rivel has conducted research and archived data on over 1,000 investor research projects (and our clients include more than 200 companies in the S&P 500). Comparing quantified results to other companies and over time puts the data into the context you need to assess past, present and future performance, as well as trends affecting your company, industry and sector.

5. Reliable

Our market intelligence is obtained using proven marketing research methodologies. We do not rely on anecdotal information garnered from a variety of different sources. A key strength inherent in our sample design is the ability to interview the right people. Additionally, all of Rivel’s IR research is comprehensive and representative. We interview a lot of people.

6. Actionable

While fundamental investor research is the basis for our advice, it simply isn’t enough. We deliver findings, make sense of them, put them into context and provide you with action steps that allow you to enhance the value of investor relations.

For more information:

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