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Culture can be an elusive concept. For us, it’s as simple as how an employee answers the question, “Do I love coming to work every day?" If everyone at the company responds with a “yes”, they are experiencing a great culture.

When Rivel opened its doors in 1991, we recognized culture as the most important part of driving success and positive outcomes. At the outset, we aimed to define our ideals and values, and live by them every day. We realized these core values existed since day one, yet displaying them publicly ensures no ambiguity in how Rivel teammates look at the world.


We are strongly principled people collaborating in an environment of trust and openness. Our communications are forthright, with minimal ambiguity, and we take the time to ensure our meaning and intent are understood. We will say "no" when a solution can lead us astray from our core values.


Attention to detail is one of our hallmarks, and we aim for perfection in a relentless pursuit of error-free deliverables. In our business, the difference between 27% and 72% could mean success or failure of a particular initiative.

We are accountable to ourselves, each other and our clients. We follow through on our promises. If we fall short, we examine the missed expectation and make amends. We are constantly asking ourselves, "Could we have done better?"


We are not happy unless every teammate is challenged,
satisfied and eager for more responsibility, while simultaneously understanding that work doesn't define a life well-lived. We emphasize MORE time for family and friends and personal growth away from the workplace, though we love what we do and have fun both in and out of work.


New ideas are the foundation of our success. We are persistent in our pursuit of developing concepts and services that meet our clients’ needs. At our core, we are problem solvers. This innovation paves the way to deliver powerful solutions to the marketplace.


Our deeply collaborative culture encourages the sharing of ideas across segments and leveraging diverse skills and experiences, resulting in valuable solutions for clients. We are excited for each other's successes, understanding that Rivel won't grow without celebrating the strengths of our teammates.

We respect each other’s opinions and feelings, and have empathy for the well-being of our employees, clients, and those in need. We don't look inward to understand, "What's in it for us?" Rather, we continually look outward to understand the needs of others.


We always meet deadlines and are committed to doing whatever it takes to exceed client expectations. Our team is highly reliable, resourceful and adept at problem solving.

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