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"Rivel has been an invaluable, trusted advisor through the multiple perception studies that they have conducted for us. They guided us through some challenging times and provided us with data and insight that helped us make the right decisions for our company and shareholders."

Keith Allman, President and CEO, Masco


"We have engaged Rivel to execute our investment community perception studies for a number of years. Since Rivel literally created the practice, they have perfected how to get the best information and also have extensive benchmarking data to measure our results against, which has resulted in actionable feedback."

Kip Rupp, CFA, Vice President, Investor Relations, Quanta


"Rivel provides great tools and insight for IROs and the C-suite, whether it's their high-quality perception studies or benchmarking data. I've found the team to be an objective and trusted resource for new ideas and to assess how we compare versus other corporate programs."

Shep Dunlap, Vice President, Investor Relations,
Mondelēz International

Mondelēz International

When we started looking for a provider to conduct a perception study, we realized they were offered by quite a lot of IR consultancies. Rivel came highly recommended, so we decided to move forward with their TrendLign perception study solution.

The quantitative data, respondent transcripts, and overall input we got from the study were extremely helpful. We were able to take those results and use them to make strategic IR changes.

Our experience with Rivel has been nothing short of professional. The team was competent, helpful, and responsive to our needs throughout the entire process. We would recommend Rivel to any company looking to do a perception study!

Rasmus Keglberg Haervig, Head of Investor Relations, Orsted

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"Rivel was a true partner in helping us bring our story to life at Investor Day. They invested the time to develop a solid understanding of our business and stakeholders, and brought extensive best practice and market insights to the table as well. The Rivel team was critical in making our Investor Day a success."

Michael Pici, VP, Investor Relations, Kennametal Inc.
Lori Lecker, VP, Corporate Communications, Kennametal Inc.


"Rivel's ability to provide a truly comparable investor perception study is highly valuable. Their consistent data across hundreds of companies, including dozens in our space, gives us a relevant and reliable read on where we stand with investors. Without this credible baseline, an investor survey would hold little value."

Todd Garner, Executive VP & CFO, CONMED


"Dow has had a long and valuable partnership with Rivel. Our most valuable work together has included multiple perception studies, which we find both informative and actionable. The Rivel perception studies are always comprehensive and candid. They identify what investors like about our execution, as well as tangible areas for improvement. Simply put, Rivel perception studies have been one of the most insightful views into how our shareholders think and what they expect from us."

Howard Ungerleider, President and CFO, Dow


"Over the course of my nearly four years as the Head of Investor Relations at Axfood, I have found Rivel’s GuideLign Intelligence Council (GIC) to be a vital resource.

While I collaborate extensively with our communications department on external messaging, I have the unique responsibility of being the sole IR person at Axfood. Oftentimes, there’s no one else around who knows enough about what you do to discuss IR matters with or provide advice on certain topics.

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Alexander Bergendorf, Head of Investor Relations, Axfood


Rivel’s StoryLign team was a true thought partner, taking the time to deeply understand our business, industry, and long-term strategy while challenging us to continuously articulate our investment opportunity with simplicity and resonance. Their process, expertise, and collaboration were a key part of enhancing the impact of our investor day messaging.

Cam Carey, Head of Investor Relations, Coursera


"We have used Rivel on a number of occasions to carry out a perception study on our behalf. The purpose of the study was to garner insights into how investors, both current and potential, view Smurfit Kappa. By looking at the appeal of SKG to the investment community, but also what challenges they perceived to exist for the Group, the study helped direct the focus of key messages.

The team at Rivel were fully engaged, took time to understand our business, and were fully able to contextualise the right questions and answers. In many instances, the results reaffirmed the view that we held and in others highlighted areas where we could improve our messaging or interactions with the investment community. The study also threw up some interesting insights we would have not have been able to collate through our own channels. The value of performing multi-year studies enables us to understand the evolution of investor perceptions and the effects that significant events from the intervening period have had on investor thinking."

Ken Bowles, Group Chief Financial Officer, Smurfit Kappa

Smurfit Kappa

"Rivel's GuideLign research and advisory services have been invaluable to my success as an investor relations professional, in several ways. First, when I initially transitioned from sell-side research to the IR role, the library of best practices research provided the best possible “instruction manual” of best-in-class ways of doing core elements of the job. Second, when there were opportunities to evolve and change in ways that required buy-in from the broader executive leadership, the survey data armed me with the kind of quality information that helped everyone make great decisions, especially when it involved doing things in unfamiliar ways. Lastly, there were several situations where I thought the problem I had to solve was utterly unique, but where Rivel was able to tap their network of IR pro clients and veteran staff to find relevant examples I could learn from. Highly, highly recommend."

Ed Ditmire, SVP of Investor Relations, Stellantis

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