Rivel helps management teams and boards

Aligning Shareholders

We know how investors think, how they behave and how your message can have an impact.

Aligning Customers

We know what drives customer behavior and how that turns into lower customer acquisition costs.

Aligning Employees

We know what motivates and engages employees so you can drive performance.

Hearst Connecticut Media Group Names Rivel, Inc. A Winner of the Hearst Connecticut Top Workplaces 2022 Award

We are extraordinarily proud to receive this award. It helps confirm and reinforce our commitment to a truly unique, fulfilling and mutually rewarding work environment. At Rivel, we always pride ourselves on our positive, can-do philosophy, uncommon teamwork and empathetic culture.

A strong culture leads to highly engaged and aligned employees. A fully aligned and strong culture attracts the right customers.

The combination of these two leads to stronger performance.

Armed with the most compelling messaging, you then become aligned with shareholders, ultimately leading to a higher valuation for your business.

Photo of highly engaged and aligned employees

Aligning attitudes and behaviors of key stakeholders

Since 1991, Rivel has been advising management teams and boards on how aligning attitudes and behaviors of key stakeholders (Employees, Customers and Shareholders) can make the difference between success and failure in their business.

Each of these audiences poses unique opportunities and challenges. By understanding key decision drivers of each audience (through precise measurements) and acting on the information, you will ultimately be able to build better outcomes.

Aligning attituedes and-behaviors of employees customers and shareholders

Rivel's management and board services



A way to understand and track how investment community opinion leaders — analysts, shareholders, target shareholders, proxy voters—view your company, your future and how you communicate your investment story.



A strategic management intelligence tool relied on by thousands of corporate executives to guide decisions as they relate to the investment community. An unrivaled and continuously updated library of corporate and investment community research.

Governance and Sustainability

Governance and Sustainability

Helps companies understand and communicate their governance and ESG value proposition. We embed structure, create strategy, drive engagement and disclosure, and provide directional guidance for your internal and external audiences.



A process to evolve your investment story into a more effective way of generating investor interest in your company. This elegant service transforms your message into a powerful, compelling story.

Rivel Banking Research

Rivel Banking Research

Customer loyalty is your main asset. To improve it you need to measure it. We help you pinpoint your strengths and challenges, based on the views of your customers and prospects.

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