• What You Don't See Can Sink You

    What You Don't See...
    Can Sink You

  • Understand The Issues Before They Surface

    Understand the Issues
    Before They Surface

Rivel Research Group: Valuation and Risk Consultants

Since 1991, Rivel has been redefining the traditional approach of consulting where opinion-based recommendations are the norm. Instead, we deliver factual, data-driven intelligence that management and boards use to mitigate risk and improve valuation. Derived from objective and actionable insight from the global investment and corporate communities, issuers rely heavily on Rivel’s intelligence to make important corporate decisions with confidence. Giving companies a unique competitive advantage, Rivel offers this approach inĀ five distinct ways:

Investor Perception Studies

Uncover ways in which your company can improve its valuation through a stronger understanding of what motivates decisions of your most important stakeholders. Additionally, discover any potential vulnerability to activism and see around the corner to mitigate risks. Compare current perceptions from the board, management and investor audiences through a 360-degree perspective.


Rivel Governance and Sustainability Services

Corporate Responsibility Advisory

Minimize the risk to valuation and reputation around this opaque and evolving issue. Create efficient internal structures, and external reporting and engagement that is tightly synchronized with your business strategy and investor communications. Understand the challenges and opportunities facing your company on ESG issues.


Board Evaluations

Identify strengths and possible misalignments in the boardroom. Measure suitable board culture, oversight, composition and refreshment. Ensure the effectiveness of the board and committees, and its unified positioning on strategy and the vision for the future of the company.


Corporate Governance Intelligence Council

Tap into custom research and data from an unprecedented global network through engagement, disclosure and governance consulting. Identify gaps, measure risk and determine best practices that are suitable for your company and consistent with your peers and investors.


Executive Intelligence Council

Rely on a wealth of investment community intelligence to monitor and capitalize on real-time attitudes, behaviors and preferences of the core constituencies who drive your company's valuation. Enhance corporate decisions and communications on the basis of data-driven insights rather than "gut feel."