Values Manifesto

Our Values Are
the DNA of the Organization

We are constantly measuring, monitoring and living our core values.
This is our Values Manifesto and we share this with everyone before they start their career here.


We are a group of strongly principled people and have created an environment of trust and openness. We are loyal and accountable to ourselves, each other and our clients. We strive to communicate in a forthright manner, with a minimum level of ambiguity, taking time to ensure others understand our meaning and intent.


Everyone at Rivel is steadfast in helping each other, the company and our clients achieve goals. We realize that loyalty is earned and important to maintain on a daily basis in order to achieve our long-term objectives. We work collaboratively and share our experiences with each other and contribute to ideas without thought of "getting credit."


We meet deadlines and are committed to do whatever it takes to exceed our clients' expectations. Our team is reliable and results oriented, while also resourceful and great at problem solving.


We have created a culture where everyone is treated fairly, no matter their position. We are respectful of others' contributions and empathetic when interacting with each other. Importantly, we listen and appreciate that everyone has a unique point of view. We are compassionate with our clients and always aim to put ourselves in their shoes.


Attention to detail is one of our hallmarks. We endeavor to make ourselves better every day and are accountable for our work, even when under pressure to meet deadlines. We strive to make our deliverables 100% error free. In our business, the difference between 27% and 72% is critical.


We are authentic and honest, and enjoy working together as a team. Some may even call us a family, as we have genuine care and concern for each other. We love to laugh and have fun. We maintain that sense of humor and collegiality even at the toughest times.

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