Sandi Meeks

Vice President

With Rivel since 2019

Sandi Meeks

Sandi brings over 20 years of Investor Relations and Finance experience helping clients identify solutions to enhance their IR practices. Sandi's previous experience as an IRO at a Fortune 500 company has given her the insight to the challenges that companies face with communicating to investors and creating best-in-class IR programs.

Sandi works closely with IR professionals, CEOs and CFOs, helping them identify new opportunities to differentiate their investment stories to positively impact valuation, attract new investors and increase investments from current shareholders. Sandi has advised a cross-section of both US and global companies from some of the world’s largest and most respected organizations, as well as mid- and small-cap companies.

Prior to her current role, Sandi was responsible for the creation and execution of Rivel's StoryLign division, which helps companies develop best-in-class investor communications. StoryLign works with companies worldwide of all sizes and industries to drive value by crafting a compelling investor story. Sandi developed a unique and thorough process that uncovers and addresses investor knowledge gaps. Using the art of storytelling, the team produces customized presentations that are strategic and actionable.

Prior to joining Rivel, Sandi was the Senior Vice President of Investor Relations at Regions Financial (Fortune 500) for almost nine years, where she helped build a best-in-class IR program, managed investor days and created extensive external and internal financial messaging platforms. Prior to her investor relations career, Sandi managed the strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting program and has a deep understanding of internal financial communications. Sandi began her career in the retail industry working for two publicly traded companies in various finance positions.

She earned a BS in Accounting and an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Auburn University.

Sandi likes to learn about new places and cultures, and subsequently spends her free time travelling with her family and friends.