Reid Vail

Executive Vice President

With Rivel since 2008

Reid Vail

To grow and improve the company’s research offerings, Reid works closely with IR professionals, CEOs and CFOs, helping them identify new opportunities to differentiate their investment stories to positively impact valuation, attract new investors and increase investments from current shareholders. Reid has advised a cross-section of US companies from some of the world’s largest and most respected organizations, as well as mid- and small-cap companies.

His experience spans various industries, including consumer products, biotech, transportation, technology and others. He is regularly asked to present at NIRI regional chapter meetings on topics such as guidance, earnings calls, IR best practices and investor days.

Prior to joining Rivel, Reid worked with Gartner Group, where he managed major relationships with a variety of top-ranked Wall Street investment banks. He also spent time with Guideline, where he led business development efforts across a variety of industry sectors.

Reid spends as much of his time as possible with his wife Alison, and their children, either in Boston, NYC or Nashville.

He earned a BS in Business Administration from Clemson University.