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Rivel Research Group to Present at AIMSE 39th Annual Marketing & Sales Conference

Asset Manager Perception Studies Provide Specific Drivers and Insight Beyond Performance Surrounding Target Market’s Asset Allocation Decisions

NEW YORK – April 29, 2016 – Rivel Research Group, a leader in global investor research and analytics, today announced that it will be presenting the results of the recent AIMSE perception study at the upcoming AIMSE 39th Annual Marketing & Sales Conference on May 2nd. The conference is taking place at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel from May 1-3 in Orlando, Fla. 

Commissioned by AIMSE in late 2015, the study involved unattributed interviews with more than 70 AIMSE members and potential members. The objective of the study was to provide the board with insight on where current opportunities exist to bolster AIMSE’s overall value proposition to its members.

”We have had great experience working with Rivel on this project and learned a great deal about our organization, what our members perceive to be working, and what we can do to deliver more. Their process and analytics arrived at observations we would most likely have not been aware of on our own,” stated Chris Rae, managing director, Elevation Marketing Advisory and vice president, AIMSE.

Rivel Research Group’s senior managing director of Rivel’s asset management division, Alon Kutai, who will be presenting the findings, stated, “The project was a huge success. The intelligence gathered coupled with Rivel’s analysis will be invaluable to AIMSE’s board in elevating the organization’s appeal to an even higher level and creating greater engagement with its members.”

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Rivel Research Group’s asset manager perception studies provide asset manager sales and marketing professionals with the actionable insight and specific drivers surrounding an asset manager’s target market asset allocation decisions beyond performance.

Rivel’s asset manager perception studies specifically uncover:

  • What is paramount to the funds’ investors beyond mere performance.
  • What investors believe the fund can do to optimize their overall investment experience.
  • When applicable, why investors ultimately chose a competitor.
  • Clients’ current level of trust in the asset manager and what steps investors believe the manager can take to gain more trust.
  • An objective analysis of investor communications with the asset manager’s investor base.
  • A qualitative and quantitative assessment of perceived investor needs versus what they feel are actually receiving.
  • A comprehensive understanding of an asset manager’s stakeholders’ perception versus peers and what differentiates Rivel’s asset manager client beyond performance.

Utilizing a cross-section of an asset manager’s current investor base, in-depth interviews with prospective investors, investment consultants and investors that opted to go with a competitor, all equip Rivel’s asset manager clients with extensive intelligence for a well-architected communications and client retention strategy.

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Since 1991, Rivel Research Group has been the global leader in perception studies, research and predictive analytics within the investment community. We help public companies and asset managers maximize long-term valuation through best practices in investor relations and corporate governance. With more than 600 clients on six continents, our methodology of in-depth interviews, measurements and analysis provide our clients with meaningful and sentiment-changing qualitative and quantitative intelligence. Additional information can be found at

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