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Rivel Research Group Launches New Business

Rivel to Measure Corporate Culture and Values Alignment Via New IncLignTM Service

Westport, Conn. – May 28, 2019 – Rivel Research Group, a global leader in investor marketing research and analytics, today announced the launch of IncLignTM – a new core competency expanding the company’s global suite of consultative services into the growing field of corporate culture research and analysis. The service, available now to any company or organization with as few as 40 employees or members, is in response to the trend of workplace culture and values alignment gaining significant traction as a bellwether of an organization’s organic health and success, and as a driver of how financial resources are deployed.

IncLign offers an efficient, effective and non-intrusive method to uncover issues in culture at every level of an organization, problems that are highly likely to be disruptive to productivity and performance, yet are not evident at the surface. Using proprietary, state-of-the-art research methodologies, IncLign helps identify these potential disruptions through consistently updating analyses of employee alignment with core company values – providing ongoing insight into where gaps may reside and remedial action is necessary.

“We are truly excited by the opportunity IncLign brings as we grow our arsenal of services designed to help clients compete more effectively in today’s volatile times,” said Brian Rivel, CEO of Rivel Research Group. “There is a natural fit in bringing expanded corporate culture insight to our traditional business-to-business and customer satisfaction research practice. In fact, our entry into this field has been prompted by the rising value survey respondents are giving corporate culture in the hundreds of studies we complete every year.”

Gene Rubin, President of Rivel, agreed, “IncLign will only deepen the richness of our analyses, which increasingly show that a sound and widely appreciated culture is the mark of a thriving, vibrant enterprise.”

Founded in 1991, Rivel Research Group is recognized as the global leader in objective, unbiased research that utilizes a mix of quantitative and qualitative data as the basis for its C-Suite/Board-level consulting. Rivel’s impressive client list includes some of the largest companies in the world in a wide variety of industries (over half of the S&P 500). In addition to IncLign, the company has grown its core strategic communications practice to include its Executive Intelligence Council and Governance and Sustainability Services, and continues to explore new initiatives to enhance the insights available to clients.