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Rivel Research Group and Valuation Metrics Develop Innovative New Approach to Targeting

Partnership Creates “Next Evolution” of Critical Investor Relations Function

NEW YORK – June 3rd, 2016 – Rivel Research Group, a global leader in investor market research and analytics, today announced its partnership with Valuation Metrics, a provider of sophisticated behavioral targeting technology tools for linking investors with companies. The partnership enables Rivel Research Group to bring best practices of qualitative insight and predictive quantitative analytics in its targeting offerings to clients.

“We are extremely excited to add a crucial targeting component to our portfolio of perception research study services for public companies,” said Brian Rivel, Rivel Research Group’s president. “Conveying the right message to the right audience at the right time is imperative to achieve an optimal valuation. Valuation Metrics’ proprietary methodology adds a ground-breaking dimension to targeting that we haven’t seen until now and our partnership brings leading-edge quantitative tools to the mix for our clients. The solution provides optimal matches with investors and companies, and saves time for the IRO who is constantly faced with the pressures of doing more with less. All of this ultimately helps companies realize a better valuation with the right investor base. It is clearly the next evolution of investor targeting.”

“A partnership with Rivel Research Group is the perfect fit and we couldn’t be more pleased,” stated Brad Mills, CEO and co-founder of Valuation Metrics. “Our clients can now gain a unique approach and solution of both predictive analytics from us and qualitative in-depth research and insight from Rivel Research Group.”

Will Nelson, president and co-founder of Valuation Metrics, commented, “Beyond the common practice of peer-based and fundamental targeting, we look at the weighted importance of 27 metrics to uncover the investment fund’s investing philosophy, creating a truly unique predictive targeting formula for companies looking to augment or change their investor base.”

Results from an April 2016 study conducted by Rivel Research Group amongst 350 global buy-side participants reveal some of the most pressing obstacles IROs face in targeting and meeting with investors:

  • At any one point in time an investor is following 129 different companies.
  • The global buy-side’s biggest frustration (81%) is that targeting efforts don’t take into account investment philosophy.
  • 42% of the global buy-side “needs to meet with management before buying a stock” even if the IRO is able to answer all questions about the company.

“We were hearing complaints from the marketplace about common targeting practices and we wanted to team with experts to provide a solution for IROs that brings not only efficiency but efficacy to the process,” said Brian Rivel. “At the same time, we are leveraging our 25 years of working with the buy-side to understand intelligence behind how investment decisions are made and getting feedback on those outcomes.”

Rivel and Valuation Metrics’ targeting platform uses fundamental and peer-based modeling as the basis for the overall methodology, but the platform also includes a whole new layer of insight to increase the probability of a better match between investors and companies, including:

  • Weighted importance of 27 metrics
  • Investment philosophy and strategies at fund level
  • Market behavior – historical shifts in fund strategy correlated with market
  • Qualitative feedback
  • Predictive algorithms

Rivel Research Group will be demonstrating its targeting solution at the NIRI Annual Conference, being held June 5-8, in San Diego, California.

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About Valuation Metrics
Valuation Metrics is a leading provider of investor targeting analytics. We blend behavioral technology and Wall Street expertise to provide tools that help target investors, manage portfolios and enhance investment returns. Our proprietary algorithms power our time-saving and revenue-generating tools from large financial data sets hosted on the cloud, accessible through a secured web browser. More information can be found at

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