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Taking The Pulse

To have a successful investment community event, you need to know what’s on the collective mind of your investor audience – what they expect to hear, who they want to hear from and what IR issues need to be addressed. Otherwise, you run the risk of disappointing your core investor audience with stale information, a CEO presentation everyone has already heard and discussions only focused on the positive.

Buy-siders say going into an event unprepared or “blind” to the issues is one of the major mistakes IROs commit in conducting investor events. In response, Rivel designed a feedback mechanism called Taking the Pulse that provides you with insight into current perceptions of your company’s investor relations before (and/or after) new information is introduced into the marketplace.

This research helps you understand what information investment professionals need to hear during your investment community event OR how effective your recent event was in helping attendees understand and value the company. You can “take the pulse” of your audience prior to or following events such as:

  • Analyst/Investor Days
  • Quarterly Earnings Calls
  • Roadshows
  • Management One-on-Ones and Presentations

The Taking the Pulse program is an option in the Intelligence Council membership, or can be utilized as a standalone research project.

Excerpt from a sample report:

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