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Perception Studies

Rivel Research Group has been the undisputed leader in investor perception research since its founder, Art Rivel, invented the concept in the early 1970s. Our methodology is unique to the industry and provides management and leadership teams with the most actionable insights to create better alignment with the investment community and thereby improve your company’s valuation. Rivel’s perception research can play a key role in the continuous improvement of your IR program throughout the economic cycle.

For example, you may often be asked by your management or Board, “Do investors support our strategy and do they think we can execute on it?” You can give one of two answers:

“A lot of our investors think we have a credible management team, and it seems to be getting better over the last couple of years.”

“71% of our investors think we have a credible management team. This compares to 32% who felt this way last year. The average for S&P 500 companies is 57% and the average for our sector is 63%.”

Obviously one answer is more insightful than the other, and Rivel’s perception studies provide that answer. There are several key elements to Rivel perception research that differentiates us from others in the investor research industry. Rivel perception studies give you:

A Tangible Measurement of Your Investor Communications Effectiveness:
Investor communications success is often measured using questionable metrics (stock price, relative valuation, number of meetings). You can rely on Rivel’s research to isolate and measure the only metric that should be applied to an investor communications function: Does your intended audience hear your IR message… and to what extent?

Insight Into Your Investor Audiences:
Ensuring that the financial community hears your message is only the first step. Is it the right audience? Rivel’s work will accurately correlate your investment drivers with the needs and expectations of your core audiences, thus ensuring alignment. Additionally, research will examine if there are differences between key subgroups (owner vs. target, sell-side vs. buy-side, growth vs. value investor) so you can better understand where gaps in knowledge exist.

An Analysis of Your Disclosure and Transparency Practices:
Rivel’s research identifies where key pieces of information are not getting through. What is impeding a better understanding of your corporate investor relations strategy?

Insight into Your Peers:
How do your results compare to your peers? Rivel’s research compiles IR benchmarking data that allows you to examine your results compared to your peers and to the market at large ‒ helping you validate the effectiveness of your IR initiatives. It is a good first step to know that 71% of your audience thinks you have a credible management team. Action steps occur when you know how 500 other companies have scored on that measure.

Synergies Among the Board, C-Suite, IR and Communications:
One goal for your investor communications function is to accurately convey the thoughts, concerns and perceptions of the investment community to the Board of Directors and management team, ensuring that everyone is communicating and hearing the same messages. Rivel’s research provides in-depth, accurate and quantified feedback from the investment community that can be relied upon by all internal constituencies. Additionally, you will send a clear message to your external constituencies that you take this feedback seriously.

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