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Insight Based on
Direct Investor Feedback

Perception Research

Gathering, analyzing and interpreting investment community feedback is our core business. We specialize in delivering actionable insight based on in-depth measurements of the global investment community.

Rivel’s highly experienced staff provides the well-informed, unbiased and strategically relevant intelligence you need to effectively communicate with such important constituencies as sell-side analysts, buy-side analysts, portfolio managers, the financial media and other influential audiences.

The comprehensive information that Rivel supplies enables you and your management team to evaluate performance, formulate strategy and identify opportunities to achieve corporate objectives directed toward these groups.

This insight is gathered via three types of research: Perception Studies, Event-driven Research (Taking the Pulse) and Custom Projects, information on which can be found below.

Perception Studies

Our Core Offering

Uncover and confirm current impressions of your company across a full spectrum of questions.

Rivel’s perception studies are a highly customizable mix of qualitative feedback and quantitative measurements, offering objective feedback, comparisons to the broader market, and, most importantly, actionable insight.

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Taking the Pulse

Pre- and Post-Event Research

Get a better handle on perceptions of your company prior to an upcoming event or how opinions were influenced by a recent event.

This highly customized service is designed for any event including investor days, quarterly earning calls, roadshows and one-on-ones.

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Custom Projects

Situational Research

If you market to the investor audience, learn how receptive they might be to new products, new marketing campaigns or new messaging strategies.

Apply our traditional and time-tested research methodologies and objective guidance to help your organization develop a deeper understanding of the investment community.

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