Brian RivelChief Executive Officer

Gene RubinPresident

James Q. PeeblesExecutive Vice President

Theresa Patti

Theresa PattiChief Productivity Officer

Michael Kolakowski

Michael KolakowskiChief Operating Officer

Barbara SullivanChief Marketing Officer

Claire Lavery

Claire LaveryExecutive Director, Europe & Asia

Steve Chuck

Steve ChuckSenior Vice President

Reid Vail

Reid VailSenior Vice President

Dave Bobker

Dave Bobker Managing Director, Governance and Sustainability

Sean McCurdyManaging Director, Intelligence Council

Sandi MeeksManaging Director, StoryLign

Leonard BirdClient Relations, Executive Intelligence Council

William Byrnes

William Byrnes Data Analyst

Mario Chajon

Mario Chajon Manager, Intelligence Council

Delia Congram

Delia CongramAnalyst, Intelligence Council

Linda CouturasDirector of Business Development

Nelson Gabriel

Nelson Gabriel Marketing Manager

Brian Geary

Brian GearyDirector of Technology

Jennifer Goddu

Jennifer Goddu Managing Director, Industry Research

Tom JamiesonConsultant

Tina Kennedy

Tina KennedyOperational Project Director

Brechin Knapp

Brechin Knapp Research Analyst

Alon Kutai

Alon KutaiSenior Consultant

Alex Leib

Alex LeibSenior Project Director

Sarah McNamara

Sarah McNamara Research Associate

Sara Morehouse

Sara Morehouse Proofreader

Bernadette Nuelle

Bernadette Nuelle Executive Assistant and Office Manager

Joe Panaro

Joe Panaro Senior Research Analyst

Joe Panaro

John Parker

Jennifer Peterson

Jennifer Peterson Managing Director, Research

Natalie Quiles

Natalie QuilesResearch Analyst

Claire QuinnAnalyst

Noreen RandoAccounting Manager, Executive Assistant

Heidi Salem

Heidi Salem Project Director

Nadine Staeger

Nadine StaegerConsultant

Colin Strong Vice President

Gregory Toye, Jr.

Gregory Toye, Jr.Senior Analyst

Chris M. Wachtelhausen

Chris WachtelhausenCreative Director