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Rivel Research Group is comprised of highly experienced and motivated people who work as a team with the primary goal of exceeding every client’s expectations. Rivel executives are heavily involved in each project from start to finish, lead project development and execution, and are instrumental in data analysis and presentation.

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In addition, we employ the most experienced and knowledgeable executive interviewers in the investor relations industry who are highly adept at tracking down the right person to interview, not the first person to pick up the phone. These practices ensure that your data is accurate, thorough and representative of your audience. Our interviewers have long and successful track records of interviewing in the financial industry (several have been working with us for 20-plus years). Our team conducts over 10,000 interviews per year.

Our History

The Vision

Ardith (“Art”) Rivel began his marketing research work in the 1960s, and was a pioneer in designing, marketing and conducting high-end, multi-sponsored market research programs. These projects were aimed at better understanding trends, attitudes and changing dynamics among various respondent groups in a variety of industries.

In the late 1970s, having gained a particular expertise on the perceptions and behavior of the investment community, Art was able to develop the seminal Portfolio Manager Viewpoint series (a yearly survey of US institutional investors geared toward well-known, large-cap companies) which began in 1978 under his direction at Yankelovich, Skelly and White. He is largely credited with conducting the first IR perception study.

When Art founded Rivel Research Group in 1991, he licensed (and eventually purchased) the rights to databases he created over the previous 20 years.

Expanding the Focus

Given the growth of the business, Art hired Jim Peebles in 1993, a former marketing research colleague from Yankelovich, to further develop the company’s research programs. As the perception study became a staple of many of the more effective IR programs, so did Rivel’s normative database, which gave Rivel a unique edge in the marketplace: the ability to compare results to companies of similar sizes, financial characteristics and industries.

They applied disciplined marketing research procedures in researching a company’s most influential investors and/or analysts. The creation of the Core Constituency Research service, with its mix of standardized and customized lines of inquiry, became the foundation for the only normative database of its kind in the market research industry.

Rivel’s normative database provides unparalleled context and comparability for its clients, with over 1,000 studies included since its inception. To this day, Jim continues to oversee and provide direction to the firm’s research initiatives.

A Bright Future

In 1994, Brian Rivel joined the company to learn directly from Art and to help manage the business. Brian continued to expand his role within the company, becoming the company’s president in 2000.

Today, Rivel’s work spans many industries and is used by a broad range of executives from Boards of Directors to C-Suite executives, marketing teams and investor relations and corporate communications professionals.

Ardith ("Art") Rivel

Ardith (“Art”) Rivel

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