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ISS Annual Policy Survey

Last week, Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (ISS) announced the launch of its Annual Policy Survey. The survey aims to solicit responses from investors, companies, corporate directors and other constituents to help shape the proxy voting guidelines for the year ahead. The survey consists of two parts: the “high-level ISS Governance Principles Survey,” and the “ISS Policy Application Survey.” The ISS Governance Principles Survey looks to cover a number of global high-profile governance topics, including board accountability, gender diversity and auditors. ISS also plans on examining the “one-share, one-vote” principle.

The second part of the survey will be a more detailed set of questions, broken down by region. By focusing on questions linked to specific geographic regions, ISS hopes to gain a greater understanding of voting issues on a granular level. After collecting data from these surveys, ISS will consider changes to its voting policies for the 2019 proxy season.

The high-level ISS Governance Principles Survey closes on August 24th, and the ISS Policy Application Survey will remain open until September 21st.