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Governance Professionals Compensation Survey

As we take a breath from the recent proxy season, I thought it would be a good time to alert you to the release of our Governance Professionals 2016 Compensation Survey. For those that participated in the study, we thank you for taking the time to complete it, and the respondent report will be provided in the coming few weeks.

Overall, governance professionals cite the top three goals of their company’s governance program as advising the board of directors, overseeing effective disclosure and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Only 11% have a defined or formal set of metrics by which performance is measured, although most receive a bonus and equity compensation.

Is there a glass ceiling in the governance profession? In terms of representation, there is gender equality in the profession (51% female and 49% male). However, this is not reflected in the in the internal structure, with the “Head” CG position dominated by men (61%) and the “Secondary” CG position dominated by women (66%).

Among Head CG professionals, 73% have the term “Corporate Secretary” in their title and 57% have “General Counsel” in their title.

The full Governance Compensation report will be available shortly to Corporate Governance Intelligence Council members via the Governance Gateway. If you did not participate and are not a Council member but would like to review the full report, please contact me directly.