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Enhanced Proxy Disclosure

The Proxy Evolution

Proxy statements have gone through significant change over recent years. No longer viewed as simply an SEC-compliance document, the proxy is now a crucial communications vehicle that needs to clearly and concisely articulate the company story to investors. Given the strong communications element of the proxy there needs to be very careful consideration of how the proxy integrates with the complete shareholder communications and engagement process. This has entailed an evolution of not just the design and readability of the proxy, but crucially, the disclosure itself.

As highly experienced experts in the fields of corporate governance, SEC disclosure, shareholder communications and design, we are not only able to offer true expert advice on both elements but to also devote full attention to both the design and disclosure work streams simultaneously throughout the time sensitive process. 

Rivel works with your internal group seamlessly to help our clients maintain adherence to the five C’s of effective shareholder communications and engagement.

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