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Your Ratings vs Your Local Competitors

Unbiased Results

Objective feedback directly from your customers and prospects.

Customized Insights

Precise reporting on the exact neighborhoods you care about.

Peer Benchmarking

Direct comparisons of your results to your key competitors.

More customers than ever are switching banks in your trade area.

We already have your local data that tells you exactly how many households and businesses are switching, why they are switching from their current bank, what they think of your brand and reputation, what message will convince them to move.

Compares Your Ratings vs Your Local Competitors

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The World's Largest Banking Survey

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Rigorous scientific approach to provide objective, actionable research

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Syndicated approach collects more objective and competitive results than banks can

The Rivel Prospect Benchmarks®

The Rivel Prospect Benchmarks® are the largest syndicated banking brand studies in the world. The survey program interviews hundreds of thousands of bank customers (Retail and Commercial) on how happy they are with their current bank, how likely they are to switch, what would make them switch, which banks they would consider switching to, and how best to reach them with a marketing message. The Retail Prospect Report is delivered twice per year and shows you how much market share is in play in your trade area and exactly how to capture it.

The reports are tailored specifically for each subscriber and show what percentage of prospects (non-customers) are aware of your bank, how many would consider using the bank in the future, and the effectiveness of your marketing in driving a brand image of Strong Reputation, Community Contribution, Technology, Customer Service, etc.

Banks use these reports to

Increase market share

Focus on specific targets

Create effective messaging

Focus on the right vehicle

Knowing the value of the brand and what drives potential customers to your bank is an important element when driving growth

The Rivel Customer Benchmarks®

The Rivel Customer Benchmarks® are the largest syndicated banking customer studies in the world. The surveys cover hundreds of thousands of customers (Retail and Commercial) who rate the banking institutions they use on dozens of metrics including responsiveness, value for fees, staff training, mobile app ease of use, ATM quality, runaround, call center quality, etc. The Retail Customer Report is delivered twice per and shows scores compared to local competitors.

The reports are tailored specifically for each subscriber and show how each bank in the trade area is rated by its own customers on customer service, technology, and policy metrics. They also show the key drivers of each and how the bank’s scores compare to the local competitors. The reports also reveal what percentage of the current customer base is loyal and what percentage is vulnerable to leaving (and why).

To ensure the interviews are objective, we reach out directly to a scientifically representative sample of all bank customers (yours and your competitors’) and do not go through any bank to do so. As a result, we avoid the response bias that happens when a bank surveys its own customers.

Banks use these reports to

Obtain objective competitive feedback

Monitor customer impacts and reduce attribution

Increase cross sales

Stand out from competitors

Knowing your customers’ perception of your bank compared to others is an invaluable tool

Prospect Perception Is Your Reality

In-depth, informative and personalized reporting.

Our research methodology is extensive in order to yield the most comprehensive results specific for every bank.

  • 200,000+ Interviews Annually (4mm reviews)
  • 23,821 Zip Codes Covered
  • 5,700+ Banking Institutions Included
  • 1480+ Counties
  • 24 States
  • 1 Unique Report: Yours

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