Customer Loyalty Is Your Main Asset

To improve customer loyalty, you need to measure it. We help you pinpoint your strengths and challenges based on the views of your customers and prospects.

The Banking Benchmarks

Unbiased customer feedback on your most valuable asset, your customers.

Customized and Focused Reporting

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The Value of Objective Feedback

Turning words into data that identifies your strengths and opportunities.

Compares Your Ratings vs Your Local Competitors

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Rigorous scientific approach to provide objective, actionable research

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Syndicated approach collects more objective and competitive results than banks can

The Customer Experience Benchmarks®

Knowing your customers’ perception of your bank compared to others is an invaluable tool to help drive growth. These reports show how customers rate your bank on 50+ metrics, how that compares to local competitors, and how your procedures and policies (in technology, training, staffing, etc.) are impacting customers.

It also reveals what percentage of your current customer base is loyal and what percentage is vulnerable (and why). In order to ensure the interviews are objective, we reach out directly to all bank customers (yours and your competitors’) and do not go through any bank to do so. As such, we avoid the response bias that you may get in conducting surveys directly with your own customers.

Knowing your customers’ perception of your bank compared to others is an invaluable tool

Profit Potential

Share of wallet




Mobile apps

Online tools

Loan process

Phone assistance


Staff friendliness and responsiveness

Proactively recommending solutions

Understanding customer needs

The Prospect Brand Benchmarks®

Knowing the value of the brand and what drives potential customers to your bank is an important element when driving growth. These reports show what percentage of prospects (non-customers) are aware of your bank, how many would consider using your bank in the future, and the effectiveness of marketing in driving a strong reputation. The report also details exactly what would make local prospects switch banks.

It is important to note that because this research is syndicated, we are able to complete tens of thousands of honest evaluations at a very reasonable price point.

Knowing the value of the brand and what drives potential customers to your bank is an important element when driving growth

Market Potential

Percentage of prospects switching banks

Primary local reasons for switching banks


Awareness among non-customers

Consideration among prospective customers

Brand drivers


Community contribution

Interest rates

Convenient locations

Technology & tools

Customer service

Overall quality

Prospect Perception Is Your Reality

In-depth, informative and personalized reporting.

Our research methodology is extensive in order to yield the most comprehensive results specific for every bank.

  • 200,000+ Interviews Annually (4mm reviews)
  • 20,348 Zip Codes Covered
  • 5,000+ Banking Institutions Included
  • 850+ Counties
  • 18 States
  • 1 Unique Report: Yours

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One-Off Strategic Reports

(available to subscribers)

Acquisition Report

Comprehensive evaluation of a potential acquisition target from the customer and prospect point of view. Includes trends in share of wallet, loyalty, vulnerability, customer service, problem incidence, technology, brand image, etc.

Attrition Report

Full examination of recently lost customers, including why they left, whether their attrition was preventable, what attracted them to the new bank, and if they can be won back.

Barriers to Consideration Report

Thorough analysis of why your current prospects are or are not considering your bank. Includes direct identification of target prospects, proprietary depth questions and analysis.

Competitor Snapshot

Full report on all aspects of Customer Experience from the eyes of a competitor bank’s own customers. A total of 53 metrics covered, including trends for major metrics.

Expansion Report

Identifies market share potential in a specific set of zip codes. Includes market share in play, strengths and weaknesses of current competitors, and image of your bank among consumers and businesses.

Loan Process Report

Deep dive into how your loan process compares to competitors' and its impact on your customer loyalty.

Opportunity Report

Assesses opportunity to capture market share from a specific competitor. Often used after a competitor is acquired, closes branches, has turnover, or in response to other market issues.

Strategy Consulting Session

In-person senior consultant delivery of results and analysis with executive team, board, etc.

Vulnerability Report

Full deep dive on the susceptibility of your own customers to be enticed by a specific competitor. Usually used for defensive positioning when a major new competitor enters the market.

Additional analytics

Any further analysis of purchased reports.

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