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With the increased demands of the modern board of directors, many companies are taking another look at the board evaluation and education process. Many boards understand that self-administered surveys may not be the most effective approach every year, and are adopting independently administered, comprehensive interviews designed to elicit meaningful feedback from every board member.

Directors, and those in charge of evaluations, need to ask the following questions:

  • What strategic value does your board offer?
  • What are your board’s strengths?
  • What is your board culture?
  • Where can your board improve?
  • Is your board well prepared to guide the company in the future?
  • Is our board aligned on these matters, and aligned with other important stakeholders perceptions?

Do Board Evaluations Provide Strategic Value to the Company?

(North American and European Proxy Voters, Jan. 2017, n=71)

Board Evaluations Provide Strategic Value to the Companies

Best practice demands that board evaluations should not just be about the basic elements of meeting processes and board functionality. A truly effective and independent assessment critically examines the most important responsibilities of a board – its impact on valuation, risk management, strategic oversight, corporate culture and long-term stewardship.

Rivel is uniquely positioned to provide a complete 360-degree view of board operations, management credibility and shareholder perceptions. By obtaining the full picture and understanding all the elements, a board equips itself to provide best-in-class leadership, oversight and guidance.

This market-leading process takes approximately eight weeks from consulting with board leadership to initiate the questionnaire customization, to delivery of the final report.

What makes the Rivel process better?

Key Features:

  • Independent
  • Objective
  • "Live" telephone interviews
  • In-person presentation
  • Fully customizable
  • Focus on strategy, culture, board suitability, risk & valuation

All interviews are conducted in person or “live” via telephone to promote candor and allow for intelligent and focused probing on the issues that really matter to your board. Online and paper-based questionnaires are simply not effective tools for gathering strategic insight and conducting sufficient probing to understand what is motivating behaviour and shaping perceptions.

Anonymity of responses ensures complete candor and openness.

We do not judge or grade performance, but rather evaluate director perspectives through candid and thoughtful questioning that results in improved board function.

We benchmark the board as a whole and individual director’s unique skills and experience.

Boost the opinion of the board in the eyes of investors

Importance of a Good Board Evaluation When Judging Board Credibility

(North American and European Proxy Voters, Jan. 2017, n=71)

Importance of a Good Board Evaluation When Judging Board Credibility

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