Best Practice Series:
Investor Targeting and Engagement
June 18, 2024 11:00am - 12:30pm ET Virtual, Part 2 of 4

Leading IR for the First Time, Now What?

Leading IR for the First Time, Now What?

Joining a new company or moving into a new position can be overwhelming. Leveraging Rivel's long history with investment community research and senior-level IRO advisors, this four-part program was designed for first-time IROs (heads of IR who are new to the role within the last couple of years). Register today to learn how to navigate and elevate your lead position.

Insightful Sessions

Rivel's team of seasoned IROs will share their experience and strategies, offering you actionable tips and the foresight to stay ahead.

Interactive Breakouts

Don't miss out on interactive group breakouts that bring you face-to-face with thought leaders and other first-time IROs!

Research-Backed Strategies

Gain critical knowledge on how to plan, communicate and assess your IR strategy using insights direct from the investment community.


Virtual sessions designed to facilitate seamless interactions, allowing you to connect and share ideas.


Cindi Buckwalter

Senior Vice President, GuideLign

Laura Kiernan, IRC, CPA

Senior Vice President, GuideLign

Moriah Shilton

Senior Vice President, GuideLign