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Executive Compensation Webinar Recording

On September 20th, Brendan Sheehan and David Bobker, from the CGIC, where joined by John Keenan, AFSCME, Michael McCauley, Florida State Board of Administration and Dave Larker, Stanford University Graduate School of Business for an insightful discussion of the intersections and disconnects in views from the corporate, investment and proxy voter communities on Executive Compensation.

Prism Exec Comp Cover 2

Executive Compensation: Hallmarks of Superb C-Suite Compensation

  • Linking pay to performance
  • Board oversight and incentives
  • Impact upon voting and investment decisions
  • Are investors really hearing what you’re saying? What are investors looking for?
  • Compensation as capital allocation peephole

If you would like to receive a copy of the presentation, or your complimentary copy of the Executive Summary of the Executive Compensation Report, please contact Dave Bobker at

Please click here to view the recording of the Executive Compensation presentation.