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The “Buy-Side” View on CEO Pay

By David F. Larcker, Brendan Sheehan, Brian Tayan

Stanford Closer Look Series. Corporate Governance Research Initiative, September 2016

Executive compensation is a highly controversial topic. Journalists, governance commentators, and members of the American public believe that the majority of CEOs are overpaid. Missing from the discussion, however, is the viewpoint of the institutional portfolio managers that own shares in these corporations and make buy and sell decisions.

In this Closer Look, we review proprietary survey data from Rivel Research Group examining how institutional (“buy-side”) investors view CEO compensation. We ask:

  • How do buy-side investors and the general public differ in their evaluation of executive compensation?
  • Which constituency is “correct”?
  • What performance metrics are more effective in linking pay with performance: operating or stock-price metrics?
  • How much downside risk should an executive be exposed to?

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Rivel Research Group and Valuation Metrics Develop Innovative New Approach to Targeting

Partnership Creates “Next Evolution” of Critical Investor Relations Function

NEW YORK – June 3rd, 2016 – Rivel Research Group, a global leader in investor market research and analytics, today announced its partnership with Valuation Metrics, a provider of sophisticated behavioral targeting technology tools for linking investors with companies. The partnership enables Rivel Research Group to bring best practices of qualitative insight and predictive quantitative analytics in its targeting offerings to clients.
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Rivel Research Group to Present at AIMSE 39th Annual Marketing & Sales Conference

Asset Manager Perception Studies Provide Specific Drivers and Insight Beyond Performance Surrounding Target Market’s Asset Allocation Decisions

NEW YORK – April 29, 2016 – Rivel Research Group, a leader in global investor research and analytics, today announced that it will be presenting the results of the recent AIMSE perception study at the upcoming AIMSE 39th Annual Marketing & Sales Conference on May 2nd. The conference is taking place at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel from May 1-3 in Orlando, Fla. 

Commissioned by AIMSE in late 2015, the study involved unattributed interviews with more than 70 AIMSE members and potential members. The objective of the study was to provide the board with insight on where current opportunities exist to bolster AIMSE’s overall value proposition to its members.

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