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Covid-19 Prompts Investor Outreach Re-think

Westport, Conn. – June 17, 2020 – Rivel Research Group, the international, data-driven management consultancy, today announced topline findings from the latest in the firm’s series of global studies among senior investor communications executives. Between June 3 and June 11, over 400 interviews in North America and Europe were completed focusing on how the coronavirus pandemic may be transforming corporate outreach and engagement.

Rather than retreating from the unknown, corporate communicators have been stepping up their interactions with the investment community to help investors quantify the crisis’s impact on operations and reassure them of their company’s go-forward investment appeal. Messaging and communications methodologies are being profoundly affected. Virtual communications have quickly been adopted, upstaging decades of customary face-to-face, “handshake” interactions at industry conferences, non-deal roadshows and capital markets days.

For the time being, many companies have gone back to basics, stressing their financial strength and liquidity while earnings growth and strategic outlook are mired in uncertainty. Capital deployment plans have in many cases been adjusted in favor of building cash reserves (often at the expense of such popular initiatives as buybacks or dividend hikes). Moreover, nearly half of all companies in North America and Europe have either suspended forward-looking financial guidance for 2020 or announced more muted, less ambitious goals.

“I’m encouraged by how our study shows that investor communications executives have proactively sought to temper rash reactions by key stakeholder groups and help sustain shareholder loyalty,” said Brian Rivel, CEO of Rivel Research Group. “This is where IROs are really making a difference today.” Gene Rubin, President of Rivel, added, “We also cannot lose sight of the fact that while investors’ assumptions and expectations have been shaken, companies must keep their eyes on the big picture. As we head into the second half of 2020, investors will once again start looking at strategy and the capital allocation necessary to drive growth over the long term.”

Rivel helps companies improve valuation, mitigate risk and drive performance. Since 1991, the firm has been advising management teams and boards on how aligning attitudes and behaviors of key stakeholders (Employees, Customers and Shareholders) can make the difference between success and failure in their business. Each of these audiences poses unique opportunities and challenges. By understanding key decision drivers of each audience (through precise measurements) and acting on the information, companies ultimately are able to build better outcomes.

Barbara A. Sullivan
Chief Marketing Officer

Rivel Expands Its Governance and Sustainability Team

Limor Bernstock Named Director; Adding More than a Decade of Corporate Governance and ESG Experience to Rivel’s Governance Services

Westport, Conn. – September 12, 2019 – Rivel, a data-driven management consultancy, today announced a new appointment to support the ongoing growth of its governance and sustainability division. Limor Bernstock has been appointed Director, in turn strengthening the strategic value-add RIvel offers clients in corporate governance, stakeholder engagement, SEC disclosure, and especially sustainability/ESG reporting.

Ms. Bernstock joins Rivel from Regions Bank, where she was Senior Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, Head of Corporate Environmental and Social Governance. Prior to her tenure at Regions, she gained experience and knowledge at the US Environmental Protection Agency, as an ESG Analyst for an asset manager, and as Head of US ESG Research for Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS)

Complementing her professional experience, Ms. Bernstock is admitted to the Massachusetts and New York Bars, was named a LEED Green Associate in 2011, and is a member of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Financials Sector Standards Advisory Group. Ms. Bernstock received her BA in Environmental Studies from Brandeis University, JD in Environmental Law from the University of Maryland School of Law, and MS in Sustainability Management from Columbia University.

“We are thrilled to have Limor join us and really hit the ground running, helping provide guidance and consulting to our rapidly expanding list of corporate governance and sustainability clients,” said David Bobker, Managing Director, Governance and Sustainability. “Over the last several years, this segment of Rivel has achieved unprecedented growth as we have moved into offering companies highly customized governance and sustainability solutions. Limor brings a wealth of expertise and practical experience and will be integral for us continuing to meet the expanding needs of our clients as they navigate the sustainability and ESG landscape.

Ms. Bernstock added, “I’m very excited to join Rivel as it further develops its governance offerings with an emphasis on sustainability. I look forward to having a more direct impact in assisting companies in their pursuit of best-in-class disclosure and ESG reporting, particularly considering where we are today with corporate responsibility emerging as a very important investment driver for the markets.”

Since 1991, Rivel has been helping companies improve valuation, mitigate risk and drive performance. Rivel advises management teams and boards on how aligning attitudes and behaviors of key stakeholders (Employees, Customers and Shareholders) can make the difference between success and failure in their business. By understanding key decision drivers of each audience (through precise measurements) and acting on this information, our clients build better outcomes

David Bobker Managing Director, Governance and Sustainability
+1 (203) 803-1515

Rivel Research Group Launches Customized Investor Presentation Services

Rivel to help clients differentiate their investment thesis
through the advent of StoryLign

Westport, Conn. – July 18, 2019 – Rivel Research Group, a global leader in investor marketing research and analytics, today announced the launch of StoryLign – a new product suite of services transforming investor presentations. Rivel brings decades of industry research and widespread knowledge of the investment community to meet client needs through these expanded capabilities. This new division will be led by Sandi Meeks, a former senior investor relations officer with extensive experience working for publicly traded companies in various industries and sizes.

StoryLign is driving companies to change investor perceptions by using the art of investment storytelling. Rivel’s experienced team of investor experts and designers produce customized presentations that are strategic and actionable. Using an elegant, thorough process, the company leverages its deep knowledge of investor attitudes, behaviors and expectations to create impactful investor stories for its clients. This messaging will be used by companies to educate current and prospective investors on their investment thesis by emphasizing differentiators and articulating their strategic road map.

“In our never-ending goal to be a strategic partner for our clients, we identified a large opportunity with the need for dynamic investor presentations. Through the expansion of our services, the StoryLign division fulfills this need for our clients,” said Brian Rivel, CEO of Rivel Research Group. “We are thrilled to have Sandi join Rivel with her impressive skill set and knowledge base to drive these insightful investor presentations.”

“The opportunity to work with a variety of clients, to help them transform investor perceptions by aligning their story is an exciting opportunity. As an extension of a client’s Investor Relations team, our goal is to aid companies in fully realizing their value proposition,” said Sandi Meeks, Managing Director of StoryLign.

Rivel’s structured and thoughtful approach is designed to uncover messaging opportunities that will connect deeper with investors. The proprietary discovery process highlights key themes that will allow companies to address investor knowledge gaps needed to better articulate and convey the investment story. Rivel’s team of graphic designers builds on the content created by the development group to influence investor opinions through data visualization.

Founded in 1991, Rivel Research Group is recognized as the global leader in objective, unbiased research that utilizes a mix of quantitative and qualitative data as the basis for its C-Suite/Board-level consulting. Rivel’s impressive client list includes some of the largest companies in the world in a wide variety of industries (over half of the S&P 500). In addition to StoryLign, the company has grown its core strategic communications practice to include its Executive Intelligence Council and Governance and Sustainability Services, corporate culture alignment services through IncLign, and continues to explore new initiatives to enhance the insights available to clients.

Barbara Sullivan
Chief Marketing Officer
Rivel Research Group
+1 (203) 635-4383