Measuring Values Alignment

IncLign measures the alignment of a company’s core values throughout the entire organization. It’s a service designed to identify the gaps and help close them, so that a company sails through calm waters, improves performance and doesn’t leave itself open to headline risk.

Value of Values

Do all stakeholders know your values?

Value of Measurement

Do you measure those values?

Values Alignment

Do you have the pulse on alignment from the mailroom to the boardroom?

Values Linked to Performance

Most companies have stated values, but not all companies strive to live them. Those that do understand that values can often be a competitive differentiator on many fronts, from recruiting, employee retention, customer growth and ultimately performance.

Today, employees are not just looking for a job, but rather a company that aligns with their personal beliefs.

Likewise, companies are looking for more than employees that have the right talent but also are the right fit. If those are properly aligned, then their shared values will yield much higher results.

It’s one thing to post words in the hallways, it’s another to embrace and live them.

Why measure?

Keep values top of mind constantly

Uncover where in the organization there is risk

Identify issues before they become unmanageable

Understand how policy changes impact the organization

Track progress of company, teams and individuals

If your values are more than a “check the box” exercise, measuring them elevates them to a higher importance.

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast."

Why do employees like the program?

Constant Feedback

  • Employees want and need timely feedback
  • Weekly or biweekly feedback
  • Annual / biannual reviews only provide one level of feedback

Input from all levels (manager, peers, staff)

They know their opinion matters

Private dashboard with both quantitative and qualitative feedback

Image of Rivel's IncLign Dashboard

Qualitative Feedback

Personal feedback from your peers related to your actions around collaboration.

One peer’s suggestion on how you could improve:

"Ted has great ideas, but it could benefit the team if he listened to others' ideas first before chiming in so quickly."

And how you have recently improved:

"Ted recently pulled me aside to ask my opinion on an important topic, which made me know he valued my viewpoint."

No other provider employs this rigorous of a methodology

Impact of Measurement

Your values, performance and company valuation are all interconnected. Knowing if your employees are demonstrating your values is essential to identifying and understanding employee sentiment while uncovering gaps within the organization.

Anonymity allows for open and honest feedback

Identify issues immediately

Address gaps within specific parts of the organization

Using a data approach provides:

  • Less ambiguity than traditional reviews
  • Provides meaningful tracking

Eliminates bias by having reviews from more than just one manager

Dig deeper on issues or concerns by incorporating customized open ended questions each week

"Some of our best new ideas are generated across all levels of the organization now that employees have a platform to share them."

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