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Executive Intelligence Council

Rivel’s Executive Intelligence Council is a best practices program that derives insight from audiences that impact your company’s valuation. We gather intelligence from the investment community, which provides executives with a deeper understanding of current attitudes and behaviors of this key audience.
This allows your Board, C-suite and IR to:

  • Make more impactful decisions on various topics.
  • Eliminate guesswork on what is best practice.
  • Save time in searching for disparate pieces of data.
  • Keep the board apprised of the shifting attitudes and behaviors of the investment community.

…to ultimately DRIVE VALUATION.

The insights member companies rely on from the Executive Intelligence Council are not based on the “gut feel” of a consultant who simply monitors a specific industry and gives an opinion. Rather it is purely data-driven, based on feedback collected directly from the global investment community, giving executives added confidence their decision-making is based on consensus data, not biased opinion.

As our members can attest, the Executive Intelligence Council provides a framework for decision-making at the board and C-level.

“The market as a whole is against acquisitions that are greater than 30% of our value [from the Intelligence Council data]. Our audience was a little more forgiving based on the results of our perception study. We used that as a framework for our discussion at several board meetings as we debated the merits of our most recent acquisition. My team was able to provide meaningful data that helped us arrive at how we were going to communicate around the transaction.”
S&P 100 Chairman and CEO


Invariably, corporate decision making involves going to outside sources to help executives in separating fact from assumptions. Historically, companies would investigate what immediate peers are doing, and consult outside sources to gain perspective on how the decision will be received.

Best Practices

However, what executives are left with are bits and pieces of a few peer examples, maybe a case study or two, and a consultant’s opinion – a mosaic of disjointed information. Not only is this a drain on an executive’s time and staff resources, but may not result in an accurate answer to the question at hand.

At Rivel, we are changing this dynamic by providing our clients with reliable investment community insight, coupled with unprecedented access to a global network of industry peers. This is offered via the five pillars of the Executive Intelligence Council:

1. Investment Community Research

Learn how the investment community makes its investment decisions, views current market trends, and how it expects the economy to perform over the next six months. Each strategic briefing is representative of the market’s consensus view as each data point is derived from hundreds of interviews conducted on a global basis.

2. Corporate Research

Uncover how peers are making their corporate decisions in various areas, such as guidance, capital deployment, management visibility, investor events, to name a few. Benchmark how your company measures up to peers and how the investment community expects it to perform.

3. Management Insight

Have Rivel senior executives present to your entire management (and/or board) on market trends and investment community insights in your offices. Discover current priorities of C-suites and boards, and complement the board book with quarterly materials discussing the latest research on investor behavior.

4. Conferences

Find out the latest research on best practices and network with peers to learn how they are addressing similar situations at their companies. Our conferences are conducted in a vendor-free environment on a semi-annual basis in major money centers in the United States.

5. Concierge

Contact Rivel directly to receive the answers to your most-pressing questions, supported by data from the world’s largest library of executive decision-making insight. Get immediate results on custom questions posed to the most extensive network of executives working in all industries and market caps.


If you are interested in learning more about Rivel Research Group’s offerings, please contact Barbara Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer, at (203) 635-4383 or via email at

The Executive Intelligence Council provides intelligence on:
  • Capital Deployment Strategies
  • Guidance
  • Investor Events
  • Activism
  • Valuation Drivers
  • Economic Impacts
  • Working with the Sell-Side
  • Strategy Creation
  • Roadshow Effectiveness
  • Financial Reporting
  • Crisis Communications
  • Management Visibility
  • Succession Planning